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Deputy Minister of National Defence Message

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Guidance on Travel, Leave, and Flexible Work Arrangements for Public Service Employees COVID-19

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Message from FGDTLC (W) President April 1, 2020


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Deputy Minister’s update regarding temporary cessation of most education and training activities with


CO FMF CB Letter to Employees March 26, 2020

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Message from Rear Admiral Auchterlonie


Health Care Changes Temporary


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HR Update


Deputy Minister DND Release-Information Regarding Flexible Work Arrangements and Leave





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Adoption of Minimum Manning at FMF


Sent on behalf of the CO:




As you are aware, the CAF and DND have ordered the adoption of a minimum manning posture as a means to insulate the Force from COVID-19 and help prevent the spread of infection. In order to meet this direction, MARPAC has greatly reduced the amount of maintenance work that FMF is required to complete to solely that which achieves critical Fleet Force Generation activities. The FMF priority work is listed below.


I expect Managers and Supervisors to task their personnel accordingly, keeping in mind that only personnel who directly support the stated critical objectives should be at work this week. We have now shifted our posture to “Phase 3C-Protect” of our Business Continuity Plan, or BCP (attached), in accordance with ordered DND posture.


Under Phase 3C of the BCP, all personnel will be directed to self-isolate at home and will be on-call to report for critical work only as directed. MARPAC expects to remain in this posture until at least 5 April 2020. Please ensure your supervisors have your personal contact info so we can pass information back and forth.


This is understandably a difficult time for all of us and our families. Please follow Health Canada recommendations for protecting yourselves and limiting the spread of the virus such that it can be managed by our healthcare system.