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13 July 2017

Click on the link below for answers to frequently asked questions about collective agreement implementation:

30 June 2017

The SRW Collective Agreement has been signed. Please see the latest bulletin for details.

15 June 2017

Repeal of recently passed anti-Union legislation –  Bills C-377 and C-525.


14 June 2017

Rick Mercer imagines a time when the Phoenix pay system gets fixed:


5 June 2017

The tentative agreement has been ratified.  Please see the latest bulletin for details.

1 June 2017

All of the Unions representing personnel working for DND are strongly against the use of contractors to perform the work normally done by DND employees. The article found at the link below elaborates on the reasons for this:


24 May 2017

Two important bulletins today: Treasury Board has just provided us with a new and final Appendix A, with corrections to the apprentice rates of pay. Please go to the Council Bulletins webpage and click on the “May 24, 2017 – Final Rates of Pay from Employer” bulletin. Also, details on the ratification vote are in the “May 24, 2017 – Ratification Vote Date and Location” bulletin.



23 May 2017

Help for Phoenix related issues can be found by clicking the link below:




17 May 2017

Back by popular demand, the original proposal package that Council presented to Treasury Board in 2015 – at the start of the latest negotiations:

2015 – FGDTLC (W) Contract Proposals Final

2 May 2017

Council Delegates and Affiliate Union Business Representatives met in the Boilermaker’s Hall for a special meeting to discuss the tentative contract proposals. After a thorough review, the tentative proposals were accepted unanimously and will be disseminated to all personnel currently working under the SR(W) collective agreement for review prior to ratification. The plan is for a ratification vote to be held before the end of the month.  The tentative proposals can be viewed at the link below:

SRW Tentative Agreement Package 17.04.27

1 May 2017

Last week, the Council Negotiating Committee returned to the bargaining table to meet with Treasury Board for the first time in a year.  It was a very intense week, with sessions of over 12 hours per day. The Council Negotiating Committee is led by President Des Rogers and is comprised of the Council Executive and the Liaison Committee, which are the National and International Union representatives appointed to assist with bargaining.



The week ended with a tentative agreement that was signed by Council President Des Rogers and Ted Leindecker, the Treasury Board negotiator. The tentative agreement will be presented to the Council Delegates and affiliate Unions for approval at a special meeting on Tuesday, May 2nd.  If it is approved, the tentative agreement will be disseminated to all personnel working under the SR(W) collective agreement for review, and a ratification vote will be held in the near future.



10 April 2017

Dockyard Council Delegates and Shop Stewards met for training on April 10th, 2017. The instructor was Richard MacIntosh, International Representative for the Boilermakers Union. Topics included a history of the Council, familiarization with the collective agreement and how to investigate grievances. Nora Johnson, Manager of the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) at CFB Esquimalt spoke about how EAP is there to help guide employees to a variety of resources if they are having personal problems. Everyone attending increased their knowledge on how to better represent their Brothers and Sisters in the Dockyard.


27 February 2017

Bob Lacquement receives a plaque from Council President Des Rogers for recognition of his work on the Council Executive as Recording Secretary. Brother Bob stepped down from this position on February 27th,  2017  and will be retiring in May with over 43 years combined Navy and Dockyard service.